Self-publish and

Socialize in DAO

Publishing content, socializing among members, and exchanging values freely in a Community Autonomous Server(CAS)

Trusted by leading DAO Operators

What makes FavorDAO Different

Close loop in one system

Getting content and information, socialization with others, and values exchange in the same place.

Direct contact brings more trust.

All community members can establish trust by directly communicating, interacting, and supporting each other through subscriptions, tips, voting, commenting, and discussion.

Complete copyright and creative freedom

Creators have complete creative freedom without no censorship from third parties and full ownership of the copyright

With FavorDAO,  meet Web 3

Configure the capabilities of your DAO

Configure your DAO information, member rank system,  subscription fees, and synchronize content push with Web2 accounts.

Publish content freely in your DAO

Publish your content,set content view permissions, and choose whether to synchronize it to public platforms.

Socializing freely in your DAO

Communicate and exchange ideas with others freely, the content is only limited by the community's law

Autonomous govern in your DAO

Community members can participate in community governance through voting, commenting, and other means

What people are

Awesome dApp for us, easy to build our community and retain members.
Kris LI
We have a solid community because we use  FavorDAO.  All of our members now can find everything in FavorDAO.
Aaron S
Create a CAS and upload videos to it, and members can subscribe on need. It's so easy to server members in built-in group chat!
Juliar Chan

Frequently Asked Quetions

Basic Users Questions
Where is my server hosted?

CAS is simultaneously received and processed by multiple miners in the system, and these miners will also undertake the services of multiple communities.

Where is my private key when using Unipass?

Your Private Key is stored entirely by Unipass, and the security of Unipass can be found here

How can I contribute my resources ?

If you have excess upstream bandwidth, then you can serve the system with data traffic to get rewarded

Does DAO have no legal obligations?

Due to the decentralized nature of FavorDAO, it is impossible to stop the community servers (CAS) or prevent users from accessing CAS. However, the DAO Builder in FavorDAO is subject to the laws of the place where the creator is located.

Why can't I set my avatar freely?

Because the user ID in FavorDAO only has a wallet address and is completely anonymous, if custom avatars are allowed, malicious users can completely disguise themselves as other users

Can I use my own private key?

Yes, you can import private keys or seed phrases to use your own wallet

How to synchronize my contents to public platform?

First, you should set up your API key from public platforms such as Twitter and YouTube, then check sync to xxx on your creating page

Does FavorDAO support selling physical goods?

Physical merchandise can presently be sold and controlled outside of the DAO community. In the future, they can be combined into FavorDAO and managed coherently through an e-commerce plugin.

Manage your solid DAO with perfect community management tool.
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